Thursday, November 24, 2011

Never got to Turkey this summer, but I'm eating it tonight.

I stopped by my apartment today after I ran my personal best for the Manchester Road Race this year, a race I've been running for almost 12 years now!  While I was picking some stuff up I realized something...almost every single thing I had on my wall had to do with the stuff I've done in the past year!  Posters of London and Paris, a picture on my desk of me and my friends at the top of Mt. Lafayette in New Hampshire, my Marathon Jersey hung up over my bed and other pictures and mementos from my travels this year are all over the room, along with my UK flag of course (which doubles as a tea towel)!   

Having been to sixteen countries, to the top of four mountain peaks, and completing a marathon (along with my first intramural playoff win...hell yeah!), this year it is really easy to realize what I'm thankful for. 

Thanks to all of you who contributed to this!

ALSO! Thanksgiving Fun Fact: Abraham Lincoln was the President who declared the last Thursday of November a National Day of Thanks in 1863.  So technically he created the holiday of Thanksgiving as it is today.  Seriously, what has that guy not done, seriously? 


  1. Glad to see you up and blogging!

  2. Stephen,
    There is a lot to be thankful for!
    You have had a wonderful year it is great to see that you have so many great memories.
    Guess what, today is the next day of great memories waiting to be made! Go get it!!
    Enjoy each and every moment!
    Love you