Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recovering and my modified journey

Sorry, but this is going to be another short blog.

I went to Freiberg and had a great time with my friend Susie and her friends.  Then I headed into the Black Forest to stay with Katja and Dieter and their two kids.

I was planning on leaving yesterday for Zurich and then on to Italy, but that did not happen.  Unfortunately I came down with one of the worst viruses I've ever had and have been two weak to travel anywhere.  But Katja and Dieter have been so amazing in taking care of me.

So, this means that Italy and Switzerland will have to wait.  Im hoping to be strong enough to move soon, and the German doctor said I should be ok, so don't worry Mom and Dad!  I'm hoping to head north tomorrow at the earliest.

I guess living life in the fast lane really does have its consequences sometimes.  I'll try to write more once I've recovered more.  Until then, I hope you are doing alright.


  1. Good Morning Stephen,

    Happy to hear you made it to the Black Forest and to our very good friend's Katja and Dieter's home. Sorry to hear that you have fallen ill, but other than your parents home, I can't imagine you being in any better hands any where in the world other than with Katja and Dieter's. Funny how a chance meeting at a remote village in the mountains of Nepal twenty years ago with Katja and Dieter, turns out to help you on your European adventure, life never stops being interesting or exciting. PLEASE Give K and D, as well as Janinna and Yannik our love, and additional thanks from Rosalind and I for taking such good care of you.

    Enjoy your time with your Dad, hopefully he will not pack any sports shorts.

    Get well and good luck moving on.


  2. Hi Stephen,
    Isn't it wonderful to know that there are amazingly kind people everywhere! My thanks to your Black Forest friends for taking such good care of you. Think healthy thoughts!

  3. Hi Stephen,
    Hope you are feeling better and looking forward to our time together. Lucky for you that you had such kind people to care for you!
    I will send you the hotel name and address tomorrow!