Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hello Blog Readers,
Mufasa, iconic character, martyr for the cause of good and topic of a game I played

I've been recovering from the excitement of figuring out how to do a VLOG!  That is why I haven't written in  a while!  Anyways, I'm hard at work thinking about my next VLOG.  I'm thinking a MTV Cribs themed VLOG is definitely a good idea, anways, as Andy says sometimes in his blog, "stay tuned." 

As my fellow Americans may or may not know, I love futball.  I never loved Soccer, but I definitely love futball.  Here is why I love futball.  1) Europeans are very enthusiastic about their teams, to the point that they will emphatically point at each other until one side gives in.  2) For some reason only Americans score the goals (Yay! Clint Dempsey) and 3) they play the sport in January and 4) the name of the sport actually makes since. 
Our seats were really great! 

My new love for futball isn't the result of some sort of epiphany, but instead due to the fact that I actually attended a Premier League Futball Game today, Stoke City vs. Fulham.  I realized when I got to the stadium that Fulham Futball Club is the team that my brother had bought a coat for when we were in England in 2002 (random fact).  Anyways, I was excited because I had heard that Clint Dempsey, an American played for Fulham, and personally I love Americans.  It was a really great game.  The atmosphere was amazing, energetic and REALLY COLD!  The amazing part was probably because people are really passionate about futball here, the energetic part was because the stadium was full of electricity and the REALLY COLD part was possibly due to the fact that it is January.  It was really interesting to see how the seating was split into "Home Supporters" and "Away or Neutral Fans."  I was obviously a "Neutral" fan so I sat in that section with the rest of UConn in London.  We were in the tenth row, which was really awesome (you can check out my totally illegal pictures from the futball match to see how close I was!).  The game was dominated by the American Clint Dempsey who scored the only two goals of the game for Fulham.  Fulham won 2-0!  Overall I thought it was fun.  But I also had a ton of fun playing games with my friends Lauren, Laura and Katie (see picture of Mufasa). 
I wonder if any of these people are undercover spies?
I would go under Neutral I guess.  Although as an American I don't really like being Neutral. 

I just watched a UConn basketball game on CBS.  Some people in the program get the games on their computer, so we all gathered around and watched.  I also went to Roseberry's again and ate another chocolate bar.  Stay updated on my efforts to eat all of the chocolate bars in England.  So far the Roseberry's guy is my biggest supporter. Thanks Roseberry's Guy! 

Otherwise, the internship is going well.  I met with my first cleaner, Julius from the Hackney Central TESCO.  He moved his family from Nigeria to London just last year after having been without them for 15 years.  It made the whole experience seem so much more real and exciting.  I'm a bit concerned about the time constraints, but we will see how it works out once the campaign gets rolling. 

Anyways, the other day I was watching TV, eating a crumpet, drinking some tea and watching BBC Breakfest when a fellow by the name of Lord Winston came on TV.   This happened about a week ago.  You may be wondering why I bring this up.  But today I was thinking about when it hit me that I was in England.  I was thinking about that because it definitely has hit me, but I didn't know when.  So I decided today that that was the moment.  So, thanks Lord Winston.  Also, maybe when I noticed how small the apples were!  They are so small!

Ok, well, I'm doing really well.  I've been really happy lately about things.  I think that the people here are amazing and the experience is just great.  I've been sleeping better than ever and every morning I wake up and the first thing I think about is, "Wow, I'm in London!"  Not too bad.

Well, Cheerio for now everyone!

Seeya soon!



  1. Hi Stephen,
    Thank you for sharing your day at the match and all the fun you are having!

    The time you spent with Julius will probably be something you won't forget. Imagine 15 years saving to bring your family to be with you, just amazing.

    Well, I hope you will continue to blog and share your time in London with us! Give my best to your flat mates and all your friends in London!
    Enjoy every minute!
    Love you,

  2. That candy bar looks yummy! Keep enjoying all your adventures! I am sure enjoying reading about them!
    Love you,

  3. well, if you look hard enough, you can find apples large enough, even for an American in London,
    best wishes Josephine P I could post you one !!

  4. Hi Mrs. P! Thanks! But I think I'll keep looking for bigger apples. I hope all is well and you enjoyed your visit with Rosalind. I am hoping to be down in Dorset in two weeks time. Maybe we can have lunch or tea?

    Hi Mom and Dad! I'm happy you both found out how to comment!

  5. Hi Steven,

    The Girl's and I have just returned from New Hampshire, and first thing we did was fire up the computer to look for a BLOG update. We are back early so we can pick Rosalind up at JFK on Monday. Don't grumble about the cold, it is going to be 30 BELOW zero at Pearl Lake tonight, now that is cold. Thrilled that all is going SO well for you. We are LOVING the BLOG, very entertaining.

    All the best,

    Tom and the Girls!

  6. Hi Stephen,
    Look for images of Waggers in Mr Murphy's facebook page tomorrow!