Friday, January 14, 2011

Strolling London

I'm guessing this picture gives away where I am in the world. Its cloudy, and its the tower bridge.  Good guess if you thought London. 
Yesterday morning I ended up not having training for our internships like most people so I went for a two hour stroll with my flatmate Andy around London.  Here are some pictures of me on the walk.  We also had a good talk with the Metropolitan Police about not getting into Minicabs and such.  This morning I had my first Shakespeare in London course.  The professor seems really nice and enthusiastic about the subject.  We are going to the Globe in three weeks (the same day I'm going to Scotland!- booking the tickets tomorrow!).      

Crawford Passage- where I live in Clerkenwell-Islington, London right off of Ferrington Road.

St. Paul's- it almost looks like I'm back in D.C.

You can see the financial district behind me, including the bullet shaped building called the "Gerkin" You can also see the tip of the HMS Belfast. 

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  1. Hi Stephen - here is a link which is recommended viewing if you're here in London!

    Maybe you've seen the real thing? The guy is a genius!

    Simon (Rosalind's brother in London)