Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where is Buckingham Palace?

Hey everyone,
So I'm still in tourist-y mode here in London.  Although I've had my first internship training and my first class, I'm still taking advantage of all of the sites and having a great time doing it.
To answer Rosalind's questions from before really quick.  Mixing Cider and Guinness was different (and I'm not going to lie though)- I honestly didn't get a pint of Guinness, I saw someone else get a half pint who was a well respectable guy and thought, whats the problem with being like him.  So I actually did get a half pint and was not ridiculed.  But don't worry Rosalind.  It will not happen again.

Yesterday the program had bought us some tickets for an open top bus tour of the city.  Of course half way through it started raining/hailing, so we decided to try it again today (they were two day tickets).  So, last night after making our first flat dinner (pasta, sausage, garlic bread and salad-really good!) we went to The Castle right near Farrington Station.  The pub was much more lively and exciting.  I met a bar tender from Colorado who is working here.  We also talked to two guys working in London from New Zealand for a while.  They were quite entertaining, although one of them kept spilling his drink all over.  But he gave me some "chips" so I don't blame him too much.  From there my friends and I went into Piccadilly Circus and hung out there.  We met some Italian girls and talked to them for a while (although it was limited because they didn't know much English and we obviously knew no Italian).
Me and my flatmates (Dennis and Andrew) in Westminster

So today, we decided to continue the tour and got off near Westminster and took some pictures in front of Big Ben, Parliament and the Abbey.  We then strolled over to the Royal Horse Stables where I posed next to some of the guards and then we found our way to Buckingham Palace.  Although it took a while, we ended up finding it.  We might have even seen the Queen peeking out at us through a window.  From there we went and ate some snacks and drank some coffee and hot chocolate in Trafalgar Square.  Yes, there were lots of pigeons.  We then went and saw 10 Downing Street.  We then went back to the flats where I took a nap and had tea at 4 (yes, I've started having tea at 4 everyday!)

I don't have much more insight for today's blog.  Just, one thing.  I talked to a homeless man who had a hello kitty hat on.  It was stylish.  If you are homeless wear something innocent like that, I might give you a couple pence or something.  Just don't try to hug me like this one did, that sort of ruins the vibe.

Talk to you all soon!

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  1. I'm pretty jealous that you had the chance to go to Buckingham today.