Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cardiff and PLTAs

Hey Everyone!  So, I'm back from Cardiff AND my Family is in LONDON!

I don't have much time to write stuff because I'm so busy doing stuff with them.  Plus, tonight I'm going out to a pub with all of my friends and my brother so I'm really excited about that.

Enjoy the pictures!

FIRST: Cardiff
This made me feel old
As you can see Cardiff had lots of nice sights, but we also found it to be a bit unique:
This is exactly what it looks like
and this is too
This was a weird pub
So, after an interesting trip to Cardiff, I went back to London, where my family was waiting!

I missed Christian
Konstantin and his pig's head.
We had a great dinner with our flat!
Some of my London Family.
 I'll write more soon, but for now enjoy all the pictures! 



  1. Hi Stephen

    So happy that you get to show your family the fun side of London, and even more that you're taking Christian out! It looks like everyone is having a GREAT time. Miss you all here, but treasure every minute together.

    Only the best for the best

    Tom M

  2. Wooff, wooff, miss you all too, but I am having fun with my cousins, Mallory, Chocoura,qiumby and frantoia. frantoia ignores me , so I`m not so fond of her, and Qumiby runs away from us, leaving her food bowl for me to finish, ha ha ha! I LOVE Quimby!!
    I like going to my aunty Rosalind`s office to work with her, it makes me feel important somehow.. I`d like my own desk, but for now , slepping under her desk is OK, it stops that brat mallory from continually nibbling on my neck. ( I do love mallory but she can be a pain).
    I run along next to her however while we are at my holiday home in NH, while that smarty pants Chocoura runs off after "things in the woods". That seems to upset aunty R and Uncle T, so I stay close by them to make sure they are OK, and also `cos Aunty R. always has treats in her pockets, which mallory and I scarf up while Chocoura runs after silly "things in the woods".

    Ok,thats enough for now, my typing is almost as laborious as Aunty R`s is!

    love and licks to all my family in UK, PS. did you read my earlier comments? Uncle T helped me with those, ( he can type with both paws, so much better than Aunty R)


  3. Hi Stephen,
    Thank you for sharing "your" London family and city with us! We had a wonderful time, full of memories, laughter and new friends.
    Please give everyone a hug and a big thanks for accepting us!