Sunday, March 27, 2011

Geese in Oxford

Hey Everyone,
So, yesterday I went to Oxford.  I had been about 9 years ago, but it was great going back and seeing what I could remember, which was not much!
We got on a train at Paddington and arrived in Oxford where we went directly to have a picnic in a field on the outskirts of the city.  To get there, we walked along a really beautiful canal:

We arrived at a field filled with cow poop:
We found a spot to all sit near a canal.  Unfortunately for me and the group I was with, I decided to tempt a goose with some food.  Unfortunately, he and his friends decided to chase after us and created a bit of havoc.  But, luckily everyone survived.  After a run in with some very excited dogs, we left the field and headed towards Oxford.

We arrived into the city which is beautiful: here are some pictures.

After "strolling" through the center of the city, we split into groups and explored different parts.  The group I was with went to Christ Church, which is where a lot of the scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed.  Its also where Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) was a deacon.  Much of his inspiration for "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" came from there.  It was really a beautiful place! 

After wards we walked around the city a bit more, went to some souvenir shops and then went and got milkshakes (kit-kat milkshake=SO GOOD!).  We got some food and then decided to find a pub.  Where we hung out for a while.

When we arrived back to Paddington, I found a bear.
What's up Paddington?

I was lost in Paddington Station, luckily a family found me and took me home and now gives me endless supplies of Marmalade.


Overall, it was a really great day, full of weird and funny things.  Every once and a while you need those sort of days where all you can do is laugh at the things around you, especially yourself.  Its one of those days you wake up not really knowing what to expect and then go to bed thinking, "hahahahahahah wow, I almost got run over by a little 'rabbit deer', chased by geese, sorted at Hogwarts, pictured jumping in front of numerous buildings, made faces at people through a burrito shop window, rioted and even got lost and found in Paddington Station with Paddington Bear."  Life is funny, if we choose to make it that.  Even if you are being pursued by a group of geese, its important to laugh. 

Personally, I think every once and a while it's the best thing in the world to laugh at ourselves... 

Well, thanks for reading everyone, I really appreciate it. 


p.s. VLOG 3...coming soon?


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I love the fact that you have realized how important it is to find the laughable moments in your life...even if it is you who created those moments. Also, laughter is really good for your health!! I am looking forward to VLog3!
    Love you,

  2. Hi Stephen,
    What a great place Oxford is! Sounds like you had another wonderful time with your friends!
    Enjoy every moment!

  3. Hi Stephen,

    Can appreciate the funny and "weird" things that happen when you are traveling, in fact those are the memories that usually stick with you in years to come, the things that went wrong. As for laughing it off, you are so right. I have traveled with your father, if I didn't laugh I would certainly be crying. We love Oxford, and in fact were talking with Fiona on Sunday and told her you were in the neighborhood, and she reaffirmed her open invitation for you to visit if you like.

    Great update and pictures.

    As always, thanks for sharing!

    Tom S