Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day...The Return of the Blog

First off, I would like to say, I'm sorry for not writing a blog or responding to some of your emails lately.  I've been really busy/ really preoccupied with being an independent person in London lately!  
Second off, I'm disappointed that more people didn't yell at me for not posting a blog in a while...I told you all to yell at me if I didn't.  No yells.  Hmmm. 
Third off, this unfortunately is not the blog you were all hoping for.  I don't have much time to write/am still having some writers block so I'm just going to list off some things you can look forward to reading about in the next blog...

The end of the PLTA visit to England. 
My rainy day 5K where I got fit, saved lives and did funny exercises
The sad end to my chocolate bar relationship....and my ways of coping with it. 
Martini Night- both ironic and posh
The great hike in the Lake District 
The Thames...AT NIGHT
TESCO...BOO (but I actually love TESCO)
And of course: the occasional thought or two on life.  

Anyways, Prepare yourselves.  

Also, Happy Anniversary Uncle Brian and Auntie June!  60 Years!  Love you both! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day as well.  For what its worth, Good Luck with everything everyone.   We could all use a bit of it once and a while. 

 I ate this...I'm desperate people.  Send me food.


  1. Stephen, Glad you are back blogging! Can't wait to hear the details about the list.
    Great photo!

  2. Well it is about time.......I have been suffering from Blog withdrawals. Religously checking morning noon and night. I blame it all on your father. Wagger's is still waiting for replys to emails and blog comments.
    Good to have you back. Rosalind is in Paris this weekend with her friend Margeret.

    Have to run, but looking forward to the next update!

    Good to have you back. All the best,


  3. Good Morning Stephen,

    The TODAY show is broadcasting live outside of Buckiingham Palace, if you hussle down there you my be able to get on camera. Since you were on camera in NYC, you could manage to be on the TODAY show in two continents!! Looks a bit wet over there, take your umbrella.

    Enjoy the day!

    Tom S

  4. I just sent a message, "YELLING" at you for NO blog update, and after three attempts at posting it, it just vanished.......Do you have some sort of filter that blocks negative blog postings??
    All I want to know is what embrassing things your father did while in London. These are things I need to know. I am going to stop typing because I am not sure this one will take.
    Hope you are busy having fun in London and that is why we did not have an update this weekend, that would be a good thing.

    All the best,

    Tom S