Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Hasty One on Hastings!

Don't you love the title of this blog post...because I do.  

Interesting fact to start off the blog: The Battle of Hastings in 1066 did not happen in Hastings, it happened in Battle, a town very close to Hastings. So, in fact the Battle of Hastings should be the Battle of Battle. Anyways...lets get to my life:

UConn in London went to Hastings to have an afternoon Bangers and Mash Festival at our program director Jill’s Hastings House. It was such an amazing day in Hastings. When we got there we walked through the town. It reminded me a lot of Narragansett. You could see where the fishermen sold fresh fish caught daily as well as all of the sea side attractions, much like Brighton. To get to Jill and Nick’s house we had to walk up this large hill that was lined with gardens and really great pubs.

We got to their house, which had an unbelievable patio and nice view down the hill. It also had a courtyard with a really cute husky dog! Once we got there some of us went to a pub with Nick. It was a really great place and we sat out on patio and had a great time.

When we got back we had Konstantin’s famous bangers and mash with gravy. It was really great and extremely British. After that, we had a beer judging contest of different British beers. Surprisingly, the judges all seemed to give the beers progressively better scores as the judging went on, hmmm?
After a great afternoon, we left their apartment and went to the beach. We frolicked a bit near the water, then we hung out and got some ice cream...which was great, obviously.

Then, we boarded the train back to London, saw the most amazing sun set...then fell asleep. So, that was Hastings. It was a great trip, but it hasn’t quite been the thing that has been on my mind the most lately. That is right: The program here ends in FIVE DAYS...but my backpacking adventure starts in FIVE DAYS. Right now, its pretty bittersweet...but I’ll talk more in the next blog.

I promise to get up one more blog before I leave London. For now though, I have to get back to booking travel stuff for this summer and studying for my finals.

Thanks for reading everyone, I really appreciate it.

This picture will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me.

The group on Jill and Nick's patio in Hastings...with a cow

The Patio at the Pub


  1. Hi Stephen,
    Great pictures, and a catchy title! In the image with the entire group is that "Waldo" behind the guy with the sunglasses?

    Jill and Nick are great, they really have taken care of all of you! And Konstantin, well, what can one say about him......? Bangers and Mash. You have to keep in touch with him! We will cook with him in the states one day I hope!

    The old saying; "as one door closes another one opens" seems so very appropriate for you and everyone in the London program. Each of you have experienced something that has changed you and the way you interact with the world, it is up to each of you which door(s)you step through or push closed. Bitter Sweet always "trumps" Bitter! Give everyone a hug and enjoy the last days.

  2. Stephen,
    The picture of you and the ice cream cone is great! Enjoy these last few days and know that there are sooo many experiences ahead of you!
    Love you tons,

  3. HI Stephen,

    Enjoy the final days of what seems to have been a wonderful semester in London, and also enjoy your time with all the family in Dorset this weekend. What a great way to start your European back packing adventure! Thanks for including us on the first part of your time abroad, it has been great, and we look forward now to the second half as you explore more of the European Continent. Thanks for Sharing!!!

    Love from Rosalind and Tom

  4. Hi Stephen,
    Thursday evening here about 8:15PM and mom and I are talking about your blog and how much we have enjoyed reading and sharing your adventures. Please give everyone a big hug and wish each and everyone safe travels as they leave London! We will speak to you at Brian and June's house on Easter Sunday.
    Love you!