Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I Love the Playoffs!

So, if you haven't all heard already on ESPN, the Spiking Sphinxes Intramural Volleyball team is going to the playoffs for the first time ever.  I'm so proud of my team, I wish I could be there with them, but I still have no regrets since I'm in London instaed!  Anyways, congratulations Captain Mo and team!
The Spiking Sphinxes after our big win last year. This year we did what we've been trying to do for two years: we made it to the PLAYOFFS! 
You can all read some exciting commentary on the games at    Anyways, Go Sphinxes!

Also, I just thought you all might be interested: here is a link to the UConn in London newsletter that I contributed to along with some of my friends.  I hope you all enjoy!

I have to say this too:

GO UCONN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For kicks: a picture of me with the game ball after my first intramural win a little over a year ago.  It was a big moment for me. I may or may not have taken the Intramural jersey home with me. 
Well, this blog made me feel really athletic, so I'm going to sign off by calling you all sports fans.

Thanks for reading sports fans!


ALSO!  New reason to check my blog daily: even if I don't post something, there will be a daily puppy picture on the right hand side.  Check it.  They are adorable.  


  1. Hi Stephen,
    I like the daily puppy picture a lot!

  2. Good Morning Stephen!

    Congratulations to the UCONN mens basketball team and all those of you associated with the University of Connecticut, home and abroad!! Good luck to the Striking sphinxes, we look forward to the update on their march to the championship. And a "job well done" for the Lady Huskies, as the olde saying goes "you can't win them all", great season just the same, good luck next year!!

    That is it for our sports update!

    Rosalind and I are looking forward to the VLOG!!

    Tom S

  3. Hi Stephen,
    I never comment on your posts but I enjoy reading about and talking with your mom about your travels. Hello from your former teachers at Southeast. We are wishing you great adventures! And, guess whose picture I saw in the UConn magazine today with Michael J. Fox? Cool!
    Mrs. Irvine

  4. Assistant Captain STEPHEN!

    The Sphinxes are honored to be in your blog! Congratulations on the Sphinxes being in the playoffs, we wouldn't have made it this far without you. We wish you were here with us to enjoy it, but I'm sure London is a lot more exciting! We'll just have to dominate next year.

    Captain Mo

  5. Hi Stephen,
    Do you remember the song "Money for Nothing" and the famous line "I want my MTV"

    Well, I want my new Blog posting!