Monday, June 6, 2011

Finding my way.

Well, I'm sitting in a cafe in Prague right now, drinking a coffee and trying to figure out how much I just spent on a coffee that cost me 120 Czech dollar thingys.  Anyways, quite frankly I'm lost.  I forgot to look up where my hostel was and decided that by just wandering about Prague I would happen to come upon it (refer to Edinburgh post if you want to think...hmmm, he should have learned this by now).  Now after all this wandering and the overnight train I just took with some guy rambling at me in Polish (seriously every fifteen minutes he would say, "Do you speak Polish?" and I would say no.  Then he would just start talking to me in Polish) I've finally hit a wall.  But its nice to sit and relax a bit.

I have a lot to catch you all up on: Helsinki, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow and now Prague.  I promise I will later today, but for now I want to find my hostel and take a nap.

It is my last full day in mainland Europe and I'm excited to be spending it in Prague.  Tomorrow, I head to the airport and take off for London, then I begin the final leg of my backpacking tour around the UK.

I miss you guys!  I hope you are all doing alright wherever you all are in the world.

Awesome quote from the Berlin Wall


  1. hahaha you'll never learn, will you =P

  2. I hope you have found your Hostel by the time you are reading this. I am looking forward to hearing about your latest adventures.
    Keep on finding your way!
    I love you,

  3. Hi Stephen,
    Can't wait to see you and here about your travels after our time together! I thought of Helsinki and our walk about looking for our hotel. I think we must have walked at least for two hours!
    You are a great travel partner and would walk anywhere in the world with you even if it was to find a hostel or hotel!
    Enjoy Prague and your walk around England!
    Love you!

  4. Hi Stepehen,

    Just returned from five days eating my way through Italy with Joe DiNatale and our friend Bob. We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and a LOT of FOOD, excellent food! Too bad you were not in the area, you could have joined us. Rosalind and I LOVED our trip to Prague, and I hope you found it as enjoyable, which I think you will provided you find your hostel.
    Enjoy your return trip to the UK and your final weeks in Europe. If you get a chance to purchase Bill Brysons book, Notes from a Small Island, I think it would be a good read for you while traveling about England.

    We our GREATLY looking forward to seeing you and catching up soon, maybe at Pearl Lake over some BBQ and a nice bottle of wine!

    Good luck and continue to take it all in for us!

    Tom S

  5. haha, I'm stubborn sometimes.

    Prague was amazing! Can't wait to see you all in a little less than three weeks.