Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I got my bags back!!!!!! (Dorset Part II)

The past week, I left London, after staying with Jill and Nick for two days and headed to Dorset.  I first arrived at Ringwood where I met up with Sarah Osborn and eventually went back to their house and saw the whole family!  They are such amazing people!  Although all the kids where in the midst of exams, we had a great time!

The next day I headed to Brian and June's house, where all of my bags I had left behind in late April were.  It was such a great feeling to have all of my clothes and stuff back, although I was getting really used to living out of a backpack.  It sort of hit me for the first time at that point that...whoa...I'm coming home really soon.

The week with Brian and June was great.  Brian and I went golfing twice, and we also went on a five mile walk on the Coastal Path near Swanage.  Of course Auntie June cooked enough food to have fed me for the two months I was backpacking.  I also had a great afternoon with Josephine and Norman Page, where they had plenty of chocolate cake waiting for me!  As the weekend progressed I was amazed at how quickly I had suddenly acquired the lifestyle of an eighty year old, after having lived in a house with two of them.  I woke up early every morning, went down stairs had breakfast, walked into the living room and read the paper, then went and played golf, then came back ate lunch, went back to the living room and read, did some gardening, have tea, go back to the living room and read/watch cricket (I'm not going to lie but I think I actually understand it now), five o'clock (on the dot) have gin and tonic (maybe 2), have dinner, go into the living room, watch tennis or posh murder mysteries on BBC, go to bed by 9:30, 10:00.  It was a great way to slow down after two months of going all out. 
Brian and I walked to "Old Harry" it was really beautiful!

Well, I'm back in London, I'll make sure to blog at least once more before I head home.  I just wanted to check in with you all.



  1. Boy Stephen, you are so fortunate to have an "England Family"! It sounds like all went well in Dorset. How wonderful to have all those great visits and chocolate cake too!! I have to say the photo of "Old Harry" is one of the most beautiful pictures I've seen! Well, don't be expecting the lifestyle of eighty year olds when you get home! We can't wait to have you back!!
    See you soon (really!),
    Love, Mom

  2. Hi Stephen,
    Chocolate Cake, Gin and Tonic, Posh murder mysteries, how much better can life get? It will be peanut butter and Jelly, Chocolate chip cookies and cold milk for your pleasure when you get home.
    We can't wait to see you!
    Enjoy your last days and every moment in London!

  3. Good Morning Stephen,

    Wimbledon is under way.....any chance you make it to the sacred grounds?? Great Dorset recap, and very familar to us all. Looking forward to the final rap up Blog before your return. Can't wait to have you up at Pearl Lake for the 4th of July weekend for a really good catch up.

    Take it all in on your final days!!

    Can't wait to see you!!

    Tom S

  4. not a bad " life style"

    see you soon.

  5. Will there be a final Blog from London???
    The count down clock is ticking..

    We Blog followers need to know.

    Tom S

  6. Good Morning Stephen,
    Today is a great day to say good bye to Europe. Breathe deep, take one 360 degree turn to see it all one last time!

    I hope you have enjoyed every moment, we have, reading and seeing your travels through this blog. Thank you for sharing all that you have.

    Travel safe and we will see you tonight.
    I love you!