Thursday, June 9, 2011

Woke up in London yesterday...

When the plane landed in London yesterday I was so excited to be back.  I knew that everything would start slowing down finally and I would be able to really enjoy the end of my backpacking adventure in my favorite European country.

Things just kept getting better and better.  I found an oyster card on the ground with some money on it.  I found a great hostel right near where I used to live, I walked to Rosebery to top up my phone and the Rosebery guys still remembered me (they even had Kit Kat Caramels again!).  I knew for sure I was back in London when I still saw of the Kate and William merchandise in windows (this time the same flags, plates, underwear (pants), shirts or whatever with there faces on it, but with pictures from the wedding.  Also I loved the fact that the headline in the papers was how Pippa Middleton lost "Rear of the Year" after her appearance at the wedding to Carol Vorderman.  Oh man, I missed London.   I went to FSU and met up with Konstantin who took me back to the flat and made me dinner!  The next morning I met up with Jill and Konstantin and then left FSU and adventured around London.

I even went on a walk along the Thames yesterday night and walking back I thought about how great it was to be back, and how although I was afraid it would be too nostalgic, it really wasn't.  I would walk by places and laugh or think about things, but overall, I am just really happy to be back!  It is a good feeling!

As I walked back I walked over Millennium Bridge and down Farrington.  At some point I realized I was heading back to Crawford Passage, laughed at myself and then changed direction back to the hostel. 

Today I spent the day in Richmond.

These deer were not afraid of humans at all, it was crazy how close you could get to them.

This cow was protecting this gate or something, I made it past, barely.

In the meantime, you should listen to this song, I heard it for the first time after I left London, but I like it even more now that I'm back and it makes me happy!

Talk to you all soon!  I'm not going to start a countdown for my arrival home, but, I think we all know that that is coming up very soon.

AH!  It feels so good to be back here.
I miss you all!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Stephen,

    You are now experiencing that part of travel that hits us all. After being away for some time you long for comfort and familar places, but now that you have been bitten by the travel bug, I assure you that once you are home for a bit you will start thinking about the next me.
    Enjoy your stay in London and the UK, as you count down the days to your return to the good Olde USA.
    Rosalind and I are greatly looking forward to seeing you.

    Love from both of us and the girlie girls.

    PS...Mum and Dad, and Waggers are coming to Pearl Lake this weekend!!!

  2. Stephen,
    I am so glad you are getting a chance to enjoy London again! Your pictures are amazing and of course I also love reading about what you are doing!

  3. love that song Stephen, thanks for sharing it, along with all your news.
    Enjoy your remaining time in London and the UK. You WILL be back there I`m sure!

    Looking forwrad to seeing you on this side of the pond. Are you able to come to Pearl Lake over the July 4th weekend?

    love Rosalind

  4. I just listened to the song! I really enjoyed it! It is a Good Life!!!

  5. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for the post! It feels good to get back to some place familiar. I think it makes your travels to new places and the experiences that much more meaningful.
    Please give Jill a hug and our best to Konstantin!
    Enjoy every moment!