Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Places I've Been and the Little Laughs I have ahead.

I guess its pretty natural when you come to the end of something you start to think back to the very beginning.  For me, I've had that day that I arrived at JFK stuck in my head.  Its hard to believe that was nearly six months ago, but at the same time it feels like six years.  Well, now, I'm at Heathrow Airport, about to board my flight to New York City. 

The last couple days I had in London were perfect.  I spent time walking along the river, eating ice cream, and just seeing all the sights.  The best part was the last night when I was invited back to Crawford House for a party with the Summer program students.  It was really great to spend my last night of my amazing time in London in the place where I lived.  Leaving was hard, but I was ready. 

So, this is the last blog from Europe.  Its crazy to think of all the things I've done here and all the places I've been.  Honsetly, I'm going to miss traveling, I've never felt so free.  I was talking to Josephine Page (Rosalind's Mum) about her travels and she said something that really struck me as I came to the end of this amazing couple of months.  She said, that although she couldn't travel as much anymore, the best feeling is being able to look back and "have a little laugh at all of the times you had in all of the different places you have been."  I doubt I will ever do anything like this again in my life, but the fact that I have done it is such a great feeling and I can travel to any of the places I've been in my mind anytime I want and have one of those little laughs. 

Not to say of course that my traveling days are anywhere near to over!  Its only just the beginning. I'll be back to London, and I'm really excited for that day!

But now I can say, I'm coming  home. 

I'll blog when I'm back in the USA. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for doing what you all do


  1. Stephen,

    "Every new beginning comes from some other new beginnings end"

    This is only the beginning for you, but what a beginning it has been.

    Thanks for taking us on the journey with you!

    Safe travels, good time to reflect at 30k feet.

    See you at Pearl Lake next week!

    Love from all of us here, two, three and four legged!

    Tom S

  2. Wow, I am thinking back to that day at JFK and all the hopes I had for you! It is so wonderful to feel that it was everything I wished it would be for you:) Now, I am really happy to have you on your way home.
    See you tonight!

  3. isn`t that such a delightful thought!

    No one can ever take those memories away, you`ll be amazed to find out how long they sustain you!

    still smiling after all these years..